March 6

Facebook Issues??

I was in the middle of a game of Farkle with another player and Facebook decided to act up on me. I checked into it to make sure it was the internet acting up and I was able to get to other pages outside Facebook. I am not upset or anything or complaining, but I do have to admit that it can be frustrating when I am in the middle of something on Facebook and then the whole page goes down temporarily. AAARRRGGG! The reason I am not upset is because I can ALWAYS find something else to do for a few minutes and see if Facebook or the internet will come back up. Why get upset over something I can not control? I am working on that in my life right now – not getting upset over things I can not control. Being on Buspar now has been of major help now. So I think, since I can get to other pages without the internet connection going doing, Facebook went down for a short time. I am going to see if it is working again now. I will be back later.

Heading Off
Good night and God bless! Facebook began working again within an hour anyway. Have to say good night and God bless now.

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