Another Busy Day!!!

March 14

Another Busy Day

Today was another very day for me. In fact, I am sure today was the busiest day so far this week. I did think, personally, that yesterday was busy as well, but today was the busiest day of the week so far. This is what my day consisted of:

1. I had my shower between 1130 am – 12 noon and got dressed for the day.
2. Took care of a hacked email account with my internet provider. My stepfather had called while I was about to get ready for my shower for the day to tell me that one of my email accounts was sending him spam emails and wanted me to get it taken care of immediately.
3. I had a meeting at my home here with my IDS worker and caseworker through Catholic Charities.
4. I went to Walgreens with CSE to pick up some medication
5. Get a bite to eat a place called Beef Bros.
6. Go to gas station to get something to drink and ice cream sandwiches. I got something to drink, a White Cherry Gatorade while she/CSE grabbed herself an ice cream sandwich.
7. We came back to the building where she went to take her groceries home, check on her cat Ethan, and grab her laptop, and come back to my place to watch recorded TV programs on my DVR box.

Today was an okay sort of day. The weather was beautiful so the running of errands and getting out of the building for a while was necessary in my book. I do enjoy having CSE visiting everyday even though I am doing better physically and medically. I enjoy having company over every day for the most part. It is no fun feeling lonely. I am not saying I feel lonely today, though. When CSE was laid up earlier last week to Saturday afternoon, not having company over was pretty awesome for those several hours. CSE was not feeling well and did not want to pass on what she had on before taking antibiotics for her illness. I can get the flu, get a cold, and get childhood illnesses easily now-a-days because of my immune system being lowered. Yep, I can get the mumps, measles, chicken pox, or even PI due to a lowered immune system because of immunosuppressant medications! I have been very fortunate so far, though.

One More Thing…

I would like to say:

CSE has just left for the night – another late night – 1 am to be honest here – and so I am heading to bed myself. Good night and God bless. I believe the fresh air has done me in again today, lol. I will be back sometime tomorrow but not sure when at this point. Ahhh, what a wonderful day today was. Spring is definitely on its way … I hope anyway. Good night and God bless!

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