Evening has arrived and I am still watching Scooby Doo cartoons, lol. Have yet not begun watching the Smurfs cartoons I have recorded over the weekend, lol. I am enjoying my evening here at home alone with just Bing and I. I have not needed any help from CSE tonight so she is at home or even across the hall on her laptop. I did not even need to text her again anymore today after all. I have dozed in and out of sleep throughout the day and so I am taking it easy getting around to be as safe as possible. I am not even sure, as far as my TV watching is concerned, if I will be able to watch any recorded Smurfs cartoons tonight or not. I will have to wait and see as I am not sure what time I will FINALLY get to bed tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a semi-busy day and Tuesday is going to be semi-busy as well. In fact tomorrow I have a counseling appointment in the afternoon and my shower gal is coming in the morning between 1130 – 12 noon and then I pretty much have to head on out of the building for my appointment almost right away after my shower. I am going to say…

Good night and God bless! Everyone have a good night no matter where you are in today’s world. It has been a wonderful day all day long. (((yawn)))

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