I Hate Mondays Sometimes!!! I Agree With Garfield Today

March 21, 2011


Today is going to be a very busy day for me for the whole day … I think anyway. I have KH coming here in a little bit, have an appointment I have to leave for by 130 pm, have an errand to run weather permitting, and make a very important phone call to a magazine company and find out some information before I proceed with the company. I have been doing my best at calling this magazine company since they opened and have been unsuccessful getting to someone to talk to. I have been on hold for over a half an hour now and KH will be here shortly. Grrr!

Anyway, today is not a horrible day exactly but honestly, if one thing goes not according to plan, I am going to definitely scream. I hate hormonal changes!!! Even KH called a few minutes ago and told me she was on her way and she had called me 1141 am to tell me. I positively dislike it when she is ALWAYS late! I am not in the mood for slowness, lateness, and being on hold for long today. I believe some people are just downright uncaring people. I personally wish that, right now, wish it was still Sunday, March 20, 2011, and not yet Monday. This particular Monday I hate and agree with Garfield on hating Mondays. AARRGG! Even watching an episode of the Smurfs is not helping me make the day better. I am STILL on the phone with that stupid magazine company waiting to talk to a human being! Geesh! It is NOT a good morning for me at this time. I am feeling a little put off right now. I just wish that a human being would get on the stupid phone and talk to me. I WANT to know why I am paying more than what I have paid for last month for magazines! AARRGG! I am about to put my fist through the phone and punching whoever does come on the line. They have pissed me off to the point I will tell them they will speaking to my lawyer!!! AARRGG!!!

What is also pissing me off as well is KH is ALWAYS late coming here. I am sick and tired of it. I am even sick and tired of the company she works for because they will not allow someone to come help me with showers every day and I want to have showers every day! It is like the company does not really care for their clients. I can not wait until my IDS worker MM gets a hold of another company who helps people with showers. I can leave KH behind forever and she can be late all she wants then because she will not be coming here anymore.

I am rather feeling rather bitchy today! ARRRGG! I am not backing down with my feelings today whatsoever. I am sick and tired of being on the phone waiting for someone to get on the line for me to really give them my feelings. I am that pissed off right now but I am going to have to hang up here in a moment and get ready for my shower. I hate slowness, tardiness, and lateness today. I am still wishing that Monday had not arrived yet. I am still agreeing with Garfield on not liking Mondays at this very moment. AARRGG!!!

More later…

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