Will IT EVER End?

This entry does find its mark her for a purpose and a purpose only to write what I need to write and what I want to share with diarists of Dear Diary. This entry, unfortunately, is one I really wish I could just let go but can not do so for the purpose that my heart is breaking and feeling like it has been torn in all directions in the past few days in the real world. In other words, some of what being written here is very touchy material in my way of thinking. Please read this entry knowing that discretion is necessary.

This past week I do have to admit that I had gotten a call from someone who had blocked their telephone number from any knowledge of whoever called stating that they were going to call the humane society stating that my cat Bing Crosby is being abused. I had called the humane society and told them of this phone call and they told me that they know who I am and remember Bing very fondly knowing that Bing is indeed NOT being abused. The humane society told me not to worry about the threat or even worry about an investigation because there was not going to be one. In the process of this knowledge, I was relieved in knowing this openly and still wondered why anyone would make such a threat as an animal being abused in the first place, i was very hurt and feeling rather hot with anger inside me wondering why someone so stupid would do such a cruel thing as that. I told a dear friend of mine what happened and she passed on the information to a couple of other people in our friendship circle. My friend not knowing that our friend JR’s Facebook page was hacked into and certain posts and applications were being passed on to her friends. My heart just took a leap of anger and confusion even more so and I was even hot under the anger I had experienced a week before when I had gotten a call from someone stating that I was going to be reported to the humane society for animal abuse. Even that was in posts on my JR’s pages and JR did not write those posts. So, last night, confusion, questions, hearts racing and going in every other direction, was happening last night. Today, several hours later and my friend CSE leaving here at 2 am this morning after I had fallen asleep for the night at 1 am or so, I am not sure what direction I am really heading with my fiend JR. I do have to admit that I am now understanding why I always chat with JSL or tell her everything from my heart than anyone else in the world outside my immediately family at this point in time. i am understanding, seriously, what JR is dealing with right now as far as her Facebook page being hacked into and her having to take care of it, but I do not understand her reasoning at times or why she says that certain people are what they are and still hangs around those certain people knowing that drama stems from them by their own creation or drama hangs around them finding them most vulnerable and nasty. That is why I am not sure with my friendship with JR right now. But, again, I do now understand why I feel closer to JSL more than ever before and at this time I will never walk away from. I do love JR and I do love JSL, but JR, I am not sure where our friendship is headed anymore. Scary!!! Do I make any sense? I hope, seriously, make sense. AARRGG!!!

Not Worried Anymore…

Ever since yesterday afternoon I have been trying to get a hold of the magazine company i have a membership with at this time but have failed to get through to any human being. I have decided after 1 pm this afternoon I am not going to worry about it anymore and just let this whole thing go for the time being. I failed to get through to a human being again today and it just drives me crazy right now. Why bother when my body is changing hormonally at the moment or even this week anyway, LOL I am not worry anymore…for now.

I Will Be Okay

I am not feeling that great today. I have an achy body, warm feelings but no registered temperature, slow moving, sore throat and stuffy nose. I am not totally sure if it is something I am dealing with that is viral, the common Spring cold, allergies, or I am downtrodden because I have my monthly right now. With that said, I do have to admit that I did call my kidney transplant coordinator in Madison, Wisconsin and talked to my doctor’s nurse this afternoon. As long as my temperature does not reach 101.5, I will be okay otherwise. Stuff happens to be going around AGAIN… AARRGG!!!

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