Entry #2

Okay, this is absolutely not right anymore! I want a new shower gal! KH is not here yet and she just called me at 10 am to let me know she is on her way! Her fashionably lateness is absolutely uncalled for now. I am sick of it more now than ever before. I have OTHER THONGS TO DO TODAY and company coming at 1115 – 1130 am this morning to help prepare meals for the week. Come on, KH! I am not feeling good on top of it and your lateness is absolutely uncalled for now. I am so glad that J or MM, or C takes me grocery shopping every week instead of KH anytime I needed or wanted to go to the store. I am sick and tired of having my showers on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1130 – 12 noon because of the fact that pretty much takes the day right out of it having to wait all morning for my shower. Why bother taking a shower at that hour of the day. I believe in taking morning and night showers — not afternoon showers. This is absolutely ridiculous. I am going to talk to MM about this when we talk this afternoon.

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