Please forgive me here buT my T on my deskTop is a liTTle funky righT now so my T’s will be capiTal T’s. I am noT shouTing or anyThing.

Good Morning!

Good morning! Today is going To be a very day for me – This morning and afTernoon anyway. I ThoughT I would wriTe a quickie and say Good morning and God bless before my day go really sTarTed even Though I am all dressed and ready for my day now for he mosT parT. I am feeling a liTTle beTTer wiTh This cold or allergies going on. I did sleep jusT fine lasT nighT. I am looking forward To seeing some friends This morning and afTernoon. I am going To spend Time wiTh God Today and will be back To wriTe more laTer This AfTernoon when I have more Time To WriTe more. I am going To make This day The besT day I can make iT because This pasT week has been a rollercoasTer ride of emoTions and noT feeling The greaTesT because of a cold or allergies kicking in. I have Taken all of my medicaTions This morning, have waTer and Powerade/GaTorade all ready To go for The day. The weaTher is sTill kind of cold here in Wisconsin – where did Spring go? IT was To be official on March 21 buT iT sTill is acTing like winTer here ye. We are expecTing flurries? IT’s possible. AARRGG!

Well, anyway, I have To go for The Time being and I will be back someTime This AfTernoon or early evening. Everyone have a good day and God bless!

More laTer…. Good bye for now…

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