Catching Up

I feel like I have not been here for a few days and that is definitely the truth. Even though I have not been here for the past few days, I have been writing for dear diary to get caught up on another day. Just love computers for saving work for another day, hehehehehe, lol. I did not have my shower today because I just wanted to be visitor free for the day and tomorrow. My showers will resume Friday morning.

I did have a couple of quick visitors today. NMS and her ex-husband came down to see me for a moment. NMS was telling me, with her ex-husband right there, that he was commenting on my hugs. I thought that it was a very nice comment and I was touched.

I talked to my doctor’s nurse this afternoon and gave her an update on how things were going and she told me to hang in there because the antibiotic was taking care of the bacteria that was in my body as far as the pneumonia was concerned, and that I was doing everything right according to the doctor and the advice I was given by my doctor’s nurses, and having to wait out the virus. I will be seeing Dr. H Friday morning at 1140 am and we will go from there, and will have my antibiotic done by Sunday morning. I even talked to my kidney coordinator CP this afternoon as well and gave her an update on how things were going and she told me the same thing that I have to wait the virus out.

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