My World At the Moment

I do have to admit that I have a busy day tomorrow — so bedtime is just around the corner now. Took the necessary medicine for the night and am relaxing a bit in my recliner where I have been sleeping the past few nights since last Thursday actually. I am sick and tired of being on the sick side but I do feel better for the most part now. I cannot wait until tomorrow to go to my appointment and see how things are going as far as things are going for me. As for sleeping in the recliner, it is not a problem and it is comfortable as I have slept in my recliner many times before I had gotten sick as naps can not always be helped in this house — sheer boredom is more like it, lol. I have been watching cartoons and recorded TV most of the day but did watch one movie that was on LMN about a girl who saw her parents after they were murdered and the murderers went after the little girl while she was staying with her Aunt. My world today consisted of relaxing and being totally lazy for the most part. I am still doing my best at reserving my voice while it recovers from the virus I still have … my ear does not seem to be as plugged up. I am going to have the doctor check that out as well, too. So my world at the moment is just being a very lazy me. Good night and God bless…

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