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The Phone Call

This is another venting session once again to be very honest with you and it began with a phone call today by KM. I did not answer the phone but allowed the answering machine to take the call because I just put the cordless phone on the base to charge – battery needed to be charged – and it was KM calling me to tell me about Ponderosa being open on Easter Sunday and that there would not be roast beef and the meal will be a dollar cheaper than last year, then… the part I am not happy about and pissed at KM for … she told me that my neighbor upstairs/above me has been complaining about my TV being on 24/7 and that I should have my TV turned off at night anyway. I have decided to talk to the neighbor above me about what I had heard and she told me that she was not complaining about me but stating a fact that she could hear things at night – not knowing what TV was on or not or someone across the hall in the laundry room or across the hall. she told me that she never has a problem with me and never complains about my noise and could care less if my TV was on 24/7. After finding this out, even though this neighbor can be a little shady at times, I took what she said to me true and directly from the source of the situation, and let it go at that. KM, one of the tenants I did feel close to at one time but not anymore, did not have to call me and say that she tried coming down to my apartment this morning — which I was awake by 9 a.m. and sitting in my recliner by then — falling asleep off and on during the rest of the morning with Bing on my lap for the most part, would have heard KM near the door. Her telling me, being the so-called go-between or had the right to call me and say that my neighbor above me was complaining, was rude and not right in my book. My neighbor above me has told me in the past that she has had no problem with me and said so today. Yes, until I had gone to the source, I do have to say, I was pissed at her too, but now am pissed at KM…AGAUN!!

Why Can’t People Be Happy and Live Their Own Lives

I am one person who wants to have peace and be able to get along with other people, but where I live, it is not always possible to have peace. Not everyone here is happy and living their own lives. Someone is always trying to stir trouble or get a rise out of a neighbor. Today, I feel, was once again my turn. I am not totally sure if it is true or not but it has been told to me that ever since KM moved back here she has been causing some trouble. When she came back, remembering her attacking me verbally on Super Bowl Sunday, had given me enough proof that KM is not always stable in her mind … been told to be careful around KM.


The tenants are not happy around here unless they are causing some kind of friction with someone else or trying to anyway. People complain to other tenants about so and so, and then they complain about the person they have been talking to about someone else. It never ends … never! The building I live in, considered a close-knit community in my way of thinking, sure has its share of tenants not staying out of other tenant business. I find it frustrating. I have a problem going to other tenants when I have an issue with one of them because tenants have a problem coming to me so they ask another tenant to be the go-between person. I would not have a problem going to other tenants in the building if they came to me directly … it pisses me off even more when a go-between comes to me. I would be upset if the tenant came to me directly but not as upset, and I would always work out with others at any given time.

My Own Life

With some of the tenants, not all trustworthy or I am friends with live their own lives. I am living my own life here on the 1st floor. I do not pay attention to what goes on around me that much unless someone brings something to my attention – like today and no thanks to KM. I have tenants who come visit me in a regular or daily basis so U am never totally alone and of course I have my kitty as well. I keep to myself otherwise. I live on the backside of the building now and I pay little attention to the comings and goings of the parking lot and when I do look out my window, I do see a tenant coming or going but otherwise I care less what goes on in the parking lot and why. I know when the recycle materials and garbage gets picked up, and when a tenant or the management comes and goes, or when someone is unloading groceries but I do not bother. Sometimes when I see a tenant U would like to say hello to, then I do so. Otherwise I keep to myself for the most part. Every now and then, liking BB, I will go to the community room to play Gin or Uno but that is not too often. I have my showers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays…clean on Tuesdays, and grocery shopping and food preparation on Fridays, and the weekends to do whatever such as church. This week is not that busy but the weekend of the 18th – 22nd of April, I will have a busy week. I have showers, cleaning, food preparation, grocery shopping, a meeting, and an appointment.

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