My Monday

Today being a shower day that was between 12 and 1 pm this afternoon, I am glad I did not have to go anywhere in particular today. I did get dressed for the day and open up my living room windows for because it was just beautiful out. It was 50 degrees by 9 am in the morning and I was not going to waste a beautiful breeze. I really did not do much of anything today except watch Law & Order: CI on my DVR box that had recorded throughout the morning and early afternoon, played games on Facebook, read some of my 6th installment of the Harry Potter Series. As of today I am halfway through 6th book. I am so glad that I am almost done with the Harry Potter series but also disappointed as well because then I will have all the books read. I am going to get the Little House on the Prairie series next.

9 pm

I am getting tired so I am heading to bed for the night.

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