Freee At Last, LOL

KH has just left. I am showered and dressed for the day, and just wondering what to have for lunch. I called Pizza Hut to find out what their delivery specials were and having yet to decide. I am hungry and my stomach is grumbling a little bit and making its hungry noises. The manager of the building dropped by for a few seconds to ask about something and she is taking care of the situation now before coming back. The problem was not able to be handled and fixed today but we both thought it would be best to wait for another good day when both of us were not so busy. The manager was having trouble with one of her programs on her laptop and is not an emergency.

Well, I have decided on what I am going to have for lunch this afternoon. Boneless chicken wings with hot/spicy sauce, ranch dressing, and garlic sauce, and cheesy bread sticks. I am soooo hungry right now. My appetite has returned at full force now that I am feeling better from being sick with pneumonia and the virus. I am, at this time, at least, not eating out or dining in and ordering out as much as I once once before I starting have food preparations every week beginning in January 2011. I order out or go out to eat once or twice a month now. I am so very hungry indeed but decided against a pizza per se but having some fattening food from Pizza Hut – one of my most favorite places to eat at these days still to this day. I was not sure if eating a pizza would settle in my stomach anymore. Well…anyway…lunch will be here in 30 to 40 minutes. Did have enough funds to order something to dine in today.

More later

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