Last Entry For the Nght

It is going to be 10 pm in a little while now and I will be heading to bed. I am getting tired and I am definitely ready for bed. As soon as CSE leaves at 10 pm or so, I am shutting off the lights for the night and going to bed. I had a very good day today all day long. I am feeling like I am back to my old self once more or at least getting there. My voice is almost back now too. YAY!

The Visit With the Manager

The manager came by to ask about a computer program problem and we could not resolve the issue right away but we will one day. Anyway, she came down to visit with me for a few minutes and we talked about what has been going on with one of the tenants that kind of scares a lot of the other tenants now-a-days … yes, KM. IO am getting sick and tired of KM mentioning how bad this place is and how she talks about other tenants in the building targeting one tenant so much because KM doss not like this tenant at all for some reason. KM has become a hateful and disliked person around here — even I am beginning to not like her anymore either. We also talked about what will happen after LG moves to Ohio and who she wants to have for a back up manager but it looks a little unsure right now who will take over to help the manager during emergencies – it won’t be me. We even talked about what happened Sunday morning and we both agreed that tenants will lie to cover their own butts around here and I can not really believe either KM or C about the TV being on 24/7 on so loudly and the manager told me that what I do in my own apartment is no one’s business but my own and I agreed with her. After what happened on Sunday, telling the manager, I do not trust no one in this building except for her and her husband after LG is gone. After LG is gone, I hope that KM leaves me alone and does not start any crap with me or she will be in big trouble. After Easter Sunday, I am going to stay away from her for good. She not going to target me to start any trouble with me. NEVER! She has already started some trouble with me and the manager knows all about it. I am not going to rehash what has already been taken care of. i am still fuming about Sunday to some extent for some reason. I hate KM more than I have ever hated anyone and I do not hate very often.

The Rest of My Day

It was a good day. I feel real good again. I have watched recorded TV programs, did some reading, writing, playing games on Facebook, and had some company throughout the day. CSE will be leaving shortly. I am getting tired and want to go to sleep soon. I am finishing watching the TV show called Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. It is a good program I got involved with and love it. Kristen Vagness is in it as well as Criminal Minds. Love her to pieces. I am done reading Harry Potter for the day and will resume reading tomorrow morning for a while before going on with my writing and such.

Good Night and God bless

Good night and God bless. Sleep well and have a great night and I will be back tomorrow sometime.

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