Morning Thoughts

I thought, before my morning escapes me, I would get an entry written before my world seems to escape right in front of my own eyes. I believe I slept well last night, given where I did sleep – futon. I do not get the greatest rest when I do not use my CPAP machine, though. I think, tonight, I will try using the CPAP machine again now that my illness is pretty much over and gone away now. I will at lest try … have an appointment regarding my sleep apnea on May 2nd and I will not lie to Dr. M about using my CPAP machine when I have not used it very often lately — especially the past two weeks and month. I have not been using it a lot since November due to illnesses. But before I use the machine tonight, I need to replace the nose piece part because I used it a couple of times when I was ill with a virus and that bout of pneumonia.

Texting My BFF Thus Morning

Every morning or just about every morning, I get good morning texts from my BFF JSL and I usually always reply to her. i rarely send her a good morning text in the morning before she does because she usually always beats me to it because I am not always totally awake by that time … but have texted her a good morning before she does a couple of times. Anyway…this mornung I she texted me first and said “Good morning. How R u? Have a good day.” and I replied saying , “Good morning sis. I am good. Watching/Listening to TV and reading a book, How are you? Me; I am good. U have a good day, too’ girl.” Then she texted me back saying’ “U said U were good twice. Lol. We r good & busy 2day. Luv Ya”… I thought, okay….so what if I repeated myself saying I am good. Gheesh! She now tells me ALL THE TIME that I repeat myself. Dang it! I feel she does not accept me for who I am – repeating myself and all. Dang it! JSL makes me want to scream and holler, and say, so what if I repeat myself! Damn! She makes me mad but I can not call her on it because I never know about her attitude of the day anymore since we rarely talk on the phone anymore but talk through texts and Facebook messaging! Even the other day, stating that she may be taking it wrong, she thought at first that my comment was against her and it wasn’t. That situation was resolved that day thankfully. JSL has been making me mad a lot lately for some reason… Yes, I am venting again, lol.

I do not have any plans today whatsoever. CSE came over last night for a while but I am not going to have her down today at all for a couple of days because she is not feeling well herself. She does not have a voice really. She did wear a mask, on my request, last night while down here, so she would not pass her illness to me … maybe back onto me. I do not want to get sick again. When I was sick, i was not comfortable or in the mood for a lot of things. Now that I have been feeling better, I am able to go on with my normal activities.

With morning still here, breakfast eaten – yogurt, I wonder what I am going to have for lunch. I am not saying I am hungry again, but lunch is looming about here shortly. Hmmm? Anyway, more later.

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