My Afternoon

What Can I Say About My Afternoon?

LOL… I have been lazy, eating breakfast and lunch, and yet to have dinner/supper. I have been watching recorded DVR shows, reading, writing, and playing Cafe World on Facebook ALL day long as well as Farkle, and having a cat either behind me on the recliner or in my lap…wherever he may want to be, When I have my “Little Man” on my lap napping away, reading is one thing I can do with ease because having either my E-Machine laptop or my MacBook does not work due to the fact that Bing Crosby is a big white lapable kitty cat and none of my laptops fit my lap then – no room in other words. i am doing my very best at catching up with my recorded DVR programming today and have watched two episodes of Law & Order: CI, a couple of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Steve Wilkos Show, Dr. Phil, and whatever comes to mind. I have one more Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior to watch before I will go on to watching Law & Order: SVU. I have three shows to watch on that category. Then it is whatever comes to mind in recorded TV programming or live TV. I am not exactly bored or anything but I do have to admit that the day has been somewhat different. Even while i am writing this entry, I am playing Cafe World on Facebook – right now. I am glad, to be very serious her, to have the place to myself with no plans of having any company over tonight whatsoever. I had gotten a call from CSE a while ago and she was out and about on the buses going to Shopko and wanted to know what I had wanted to know about while she was there and she will look into it. I texted her a while ago to have her text me when she got back home from out and about — not having company tonight but I did almost ask her to come down after she got home but held to my word that i was not going to have any company tonight. I have a fairly busy day tomorrow and church on Saturday out of town.

More later…

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