My Day Today

My day today so far is going just fine. Going to have a late lunch, early supper. My mom texted me and wanted me to remind her to remember to ask a certain question. I called her a while ago and the question she asked was about a confirmation of an address for a loan company – a company that sounds suspicious to me so this week I am going to look into it and find out because the name she gave me was unfamiliar to me and I have been paying my student loans with Wells Fargo and it was not regarding Wells Fargo at all. Like I said, it was a name unknown to me. I have to look into it. If Mom calls me back later, I will ask her to look on that piece of paper again and see if there is a number and I will take care of the problem this week. Tomorrow and Friday are the only two days this week, excluding today, that are not going to be busy days. I have two appointments and one meeting, and my showers three days this week.

More later…

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