Slept Well But Did Not Sleep In, LOL

I slept well indeed. Slept in my bedroom and used my CPAP machine last night. I had fallen in and out of sleep a couple of times before falling asleep for the entire night before 11 pm but slept the entire night in bed without having to run to the bathroom or get up to transfer myself to the living room to finish sleeping. I even had a dream I do remember … about a gentleman who had escaped prison and was found and caught and sent back to prison. I believe the dream was related to watching the recorded program Law & Order: LA for some reason. It was about a gentleman by the name of Bruce Kingston who had escaped from prison in the Janesville, Wisconsin area, and was running loose with some of his criminal buddies. He was put in prison because he brought harm to five families, killing a young girl in front of her only daughter, an 8 year girl who, at the time of his escape, was 16, and he was after the girl because she witnessed the crime. My father, who is a retired Janesville, Wisconsin policeman in the area, had stepped out of retirement to come and help the police recapture the gentleman and the police wanted to use me as a ruse to bring out this gentleman into the open to have him caught, again, and taken back to prison even though he was not going to be returning to the Janesville, Wisconsin prison. My dad did not like the idea of me being used as a ruse in this case but he thought about it and found I would be perfect in helping so he helped me through the entire case by telling me what I should do, where I needed to go, and what to say. Within in a week, Bruce Kingston was recaptured and sent back to prison but ended up going to California where there is a tough security prison for life. The five families and the 16 year old girl turned out to be safe from this gentleman, they had to be reassured that he was not going to bring harm or bother them again. End of dream… I actually slept well, I dreamt, yay! A person who has sleep apnea does not go into REM sleep very often. I was glad to have the opportunity to dream a dream but I do have to admit that I had a different kind of dream … that’s why I said I believe it was related to watching Law & Order: LA last night. It was a wow! It was kind of scary and yet I slept through it and saw the entire dream play out. Boy…had to run to the bathroom when I had awakened this morning, though, LOL, and I did not get to sleep in. I had awakened at 645 or so this morning and have been up since, LOL.

More later…

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