Who Will I Trust Where I Live After May 1st?

LG is moving to Ohio as of May 1st. KM will still be here but she is not to be trusted and avoided for the time being. KM is up to her BS again — people are not happy with her right now…even me! I do not know what mood she is going to be in from one day to the next. She is to be cleaning the building and from the onsite management she still does but I rarely hear the vacuum running in the hallways anymore. When I do, it is not at my end at the time, and if the vacuum is running at my end of the building, I do not get excited whatsoever and keep away from the door to open it and say hello to KM. The last time I am going to really hang around KM is on Easter Sunday when KM, LG, BB, and I go out to eat at Ponderosa for Easter Sunday for lunch. When LG moves on May 1st, I am going to definitely stay away from KM so I am not the next target of her wrath, moodiness, and attitude she carries with her. I have not trusted her since last Sunday when she called telling me that the neighbor above me supposedly complained to her about my TV being on 24/7 at the time.

I do not trust KM. Actually, I do not trust anyone in this building anymore to be very honest here. I have to walk or tread very careful with the onsite management. Whatever LG does after she moves – be friends with KM is fine with me – but even after that, I am going to be careful what I say to LG after she leaves as well. Every time KM has taken me to the emergency room or has met me at the hospital in February, I do have to say, someone has one big mouth around here and it can be MP, KM, and anyone else. My last hospital stay, in February still looms fresh in my mind, almost three months later!!! Living here is gotten to the point, for me, not to become friends with anyone who lives here … be friendly in passing is better. In other words, living here has become very complicated. I can not trust no one here anymore. I’d rather keep to myself for the most part and leave here on a “need to leave here for a reason basis” only. I cannot eveocin trust or believe CSE much anymore either. she seems to be so shut out of things and acts like someone who hides things from a friend. She is not a true friend. I have a true friend who lives outside the building — thank goodness for that. Even if she could move back in here, she wouldn’t want to come back here to a place that seems so complicated now-a-days. I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE INSIDE THIS BUILDING ANYMORE.

Once LG leaves, I will keep in touch with her, but once she moves, I am going to only talk to KM when I see her in the public areas of the building. If I need to go to the doctor via ER, I will find someone else to help me get there and back, and leave KM out of my life for good. I do not trust her anymore period. I hope she finds another place to live here soon because she is not welcome here anymore.

As far as my neighbor above me, I do not believe her or KM about my TV being on 24/7 down here – something was said and it came back to me via KM, and I do not believe what KM said either, even though going directly to the source that Sunday afternoon, I will take the neighbor’s word for it – the neighbor above me that is.

So, who am I going to trust here after May 1st? I am going to trust no one and only trust myself. I am going to make some more changes in my life when LG moves. I will be civil and friendly to the neighbors around here and that is it. I am actually, serious about this, not dreading Easter Sunday, but I am not too comfortable about going but will go since LG and BB are going. After this, I am going to be extremely careful about getting together with KM.

I only trust God now, as far as living here, and myself. I have to take it one step at a time right now.

more later…

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