Been Thinking Of A Friendship That is Now Gone For Good

I once really liked MEE but lately I have not really liked him. This gentleman has been a friend of mine ever since 1991 when we met – around that time anyway – in college. But I have not talked to him for several months now and do not care what goes on his life anymore. He is supposedly engaged to a gal who has mental problems and he now has mental problems. I still cry and want to scream because I have lost a dear and close friend of mine and MEE was very helpful and kind to me until we stopped communicating and … he has been acting so strange. His behavior is what stopped me from communicating with him. I do not care what goes on in his life anymore and he can live his life the way he wants. He will never be allowed back into my life ever again as long as his behavior has changed for the worst – suicidal and engaged/marrying the mentally ill gal he is with today and tomorrow. He has been on my mind lately and the memories of our now dead friendship come flooding into my head so often it is scary and demeaning in my mind. I even have this horrible feeling that a certain friend or two still keep in contact with him as I have that suspicion popping in my head today after seeing a certain thank you to someone who I do not care for anymore on a friend’s facebook page. I do not trust ANYONE at Garden Court anymore or anyone associated with Garden Court anymore and I do not intend on stepping foot into that place ever again in my life – those people I once called “friends” there are sick people who love living in drama whether they make it themselves or drama finds them. I do not feel sorry for those idiots over there – even MEE and his fiancee! They are gone out of my life FOR GOOD! If a certain friend is in association with MEE to this day and I find out it is true, I am sure we are going to be parting company as well in the future before too long as well.

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