A Than,k You Is In Order Here & More… Please Understand., Thanks!

I do have to admit that the past couple of days have been nothing but vent session after vent session, and it has kept going on even today. I would like to thank my readers for taking the time to read my diary here even so — had a bad couple of days here. Thanks for putting up with me the past couple of days. I am doing my best at looking at the brighter things in life even when I am not a very happy camper with a certain someone or not happy with people. I do feel better that I vented some and got it out of my system. It is not healthy to hold in harsh feelings or hold in feelings that can cause high anxiety and distress of the body or system. I do know that the past several days, have dealt with anxiety and not feeling well because I had a very good yeast infection – sorry men – that made me feel inhuman and I felt insane and thought I needed to be put in the nuthouse because I was emotionally going nuts here, lol. I am feeling human again and I believe the yeast infection is gone now. Just have to do one more full day of medication tomorrow. YAY! My next doctor’s appointment with Dr. H is May 25, 2011. Yay and whew, lol. Life is looking bright and cheery again in my world.

I have no idea what happened to the thunderstorm that was supposed to come our way because it did not come to the south side of town this afternoon. I am still online from earlier today and will shutting down the internet before retiring so no one in the building can access the internet late at night when everyone else should be sleeping. I have learned that the gentleman who has been accessing the internet on my wireless network after 10 pm CST and using the community room to look at pornography. GROSS! I will be getting a password on my modem real soon but can not afford it right now until next month or at the end of the month after all my bills go through. I NEVER spend money I do not have. I am frugal with my money all the time. Bills and rent come first. Tomorrow, if the weather is substantial and good enough, I plan on taking care of my finances by making sure I have enough money for the rest of the month of May. I usually do, too.

I am actually getting tired and want to head off for the night. If weather is reasonable tomorrow, I will be back. Good night and God bless. Everyone sleep well and have a good rest of the week! God bless!

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