The Only Entry of The Day

This is going to be the only entry of the day today. Why? It is because I am tired due to the fact that I have been up since 12 midnight last night reading and writing, and watching TV. I just could not sleep last night for some reason. That’s all. I am tired and catnapping in the recliner off and on throughout the day as well as playing games on Facebook, reading, and relaxing. I just texted my friend CSE asking her if she can come down for a few minutes so I am waiting patiently for a reply back to her. I am not going to have her stay for a long time tonight because I am very tired and my intentions of going to bed early tonight looms high in my thoughts and world right now. I feel like a cat who sleeps 18 hours a day today, lol. Bing and I have been snuggling and cuddling throughout the day today. What a cat! I am too tired to care about writing too much. My thoughts are mumbled gumbled up right now so writing much today is really not going to happen – just rambling for the most part. I have no major plans today and I am waiting patiently for tomorrow to arrive so the weekend can finally be here. I am still, very much so, looking so forward to the weekend in order to compensate the not so good week. I will be back sometime tomorrow. Heading off for the night. I still waiting to hear from CSE yet. I wish she would be more spontaneous on replying back. I am still sick and tired of her being late all the time and not replying back to texts right away. i know where I really stand in her life – not in good standing apparently! I am getting sick and tired of her lateness. Maybe she better not come down at all today. I am too tired to care about company today anyway. i am not happy with her either! AARRGG!

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