Good Morning – A New Day – A New Start

Good Morning and God bless!

Today is a new day so I am going to have a new start. CSE, hoping she will get together with her relatives today will probably not be here today at all. KH will be here this morning or afternoon to help with my shower and then after work come over for a while. So I won’t be alone today … if I am after all that0’s okay. That man will not bother me because he is still pissed at me for no reason at all. I still call him an idiotic jerk with a childish attitude anyway, lol. I have no idea what I am going to do today except read, watch television, hopefully hear from my friend PV, and be on the computer – thunderstorms possibly coming my way this afternoon anyway. Weather states it so – darn! Bing is on the futon napping his little nap. I had gotten a call from an acquaintance of Bing’s last night late and I have to call her back because she stated that she had to put her white cat Peek-a-boo to sleep at the age of 6 for some reason and my heart goes out to her. I have already heard voices outside this morning around 7 am – MP’s and posssibly KM’s. Definitely MP’s this morning, though. KM’s voice made me cringe with disgust and hatred already this morning. Not so good to be honest with you. With it being only Wednesday, the middle of the week, I do have say, despite the rainy and stormy weather we are having the rest of the week, I am definitely looking forward to this weekend so I can get away from this building for a few hours to go to church. I missed church this last weekend because I was not feeling the greatest and needed some sleep and rest due to cramps and a headache. Even the brightness of the day seemed to bother my head. I did not even answer the door and in reality I was not able to for personal reasons – was not dressed properly, lol. Anyway, today is a new day and a new start. KH will be here around 1130 – 12 noon today to help with my shower, I have no major plans today, tomorrow or Friday of this week as all my appointments this week are over with – thank goodness. I had a semi-busy week I guess. I am reading, with gusto, the last Harry Potter book titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and i am half way done with the book now. I can not seem. like the 1st 6 books, put them down once I begin reading the words on its pages JK Rowling wrote. Excellent books! Am I going to read the series again? Yes, definitely! My family has read the series more than once I think, lol. I still have no idea, though, when I will have the series finally finished but it will happen soon enough. I even have some TV watching to do as I have some recorded shows yet to watch from three weeks ago, lol, and I have been watching Live TV lately too because of boredom or lack of things to do, lol, My world has been busy and full of things that need to be done. Oh yeah, forgot I go grocery shopping and have meals prepared on Fridays so I will be busy again Friday. I plan on going to church on Saturday and Sunday this week which reminds me to call TB to find out the status of a ride for me. We shall see. Anyway, gotta run for now. Cafe World on Facebook is calling me to take care of some food that I have prepared for the breakfast run. I will be back later. Good bye for now. I think, at the hour it is, as well, going to read some Harry Potter. Been up since 630 am again. Good bye for now. Later…

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