Good Morning & Venting Before I Lose My Mind!!

I thought, before I really began my day…which started at 630 am in the morning, and say Good morning. Today is my cleaning and laundry day, and then I have an appointment this morning…then the rest of the day is all mine and Bing’s. So far so good this morning evening those I did not sleep the greatest last night because I was kind of pissed off at a neighbor for getting pissed off at me for shutting off my computers and modem so he could not access the internet while I was gone. This gentleman, remembering he stormed off out of the community room in front of me and three other tenants and leaving the building a few minutes later with his jacket for some odd reason. I have never seen this gentleman so cold and mean and nasty looking ever until yesterday and wish I never did see such coldness. This gentleman was caught looking at pornography on his computer using my wireless network a few days ago and that really pissed me off. So I am I so pissed at him? Why can I not be relieved that he was pissed off at me for once because he did not get his little way and acted like a child who did not get his way whatsoever for something? I have no idea really. LOL… I have had EVERY right to turn off my computers and the internet for a while while I was gone for the afternoon and we were expecting some possible serious storms yesterday afternoon and I was NOT going to allow my computer’s hardware and modem to get fried in case a bad storm came our way. I am being safe and comfortable in my own skin. What I decide to do in my own home is my business and I have to be safe and comfortable in my own skin and not afraid of what other people think or do in their own lives. Right? Right! This incident bothered me all afternoon yesterday and last night – I even discussed the situation with PS, my counselor. I feel real uncomfortable being in the same room with this gentleman now – alone that is – but with three other tenants in the same room with me and this idiotic jerk, I am okay and feel safe. This man is gross and idiotic! Why look at pornography? HE NEEDS HIS OWN INTERNET SERVICE!!! DANG!!! The creep has not paid his dues to me for the month of May and June yet anyway. I am no longer taking money from this idiot and I am going to get a password on my modem as soon as I can get a hold of a dear friend of mine!!!

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