Good Night & God Bless

I am going to say good night and God bless and come back tomorrow sometime. I have my shower tomorrow around 1130 am and 12 noon or so and then KH will be over after she is done with work for the day. She never called to let me know she was coming at 1130 am tonight but that is okay i guess. I got a slight break from her as well as she from me. Bedtime is just around the corner now for me tonight and my world is getting tired now anyway. Today has been one big venting day for me for some big reason and way. I am okay but feeling real pissed and hurt by one man who acted more childish than anyone I remember at my age. This man scared me to the point of fear being sucked out of me for the time being. I know it is getting late but I am going to be watching Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior with Kristen Vagness who happens to be one of most favorite actresses on the show as well as Criminal Minds with all the actresses and actors my favorites. Kate Jackson played the mother of one of the characters in the show and she was the ambassador at the time. loved that airing for the year 2007. She was amazing! Love Kate Jackson and her acting. She is very good in my eyes. Leaving for the night. Everyone sleep well and good night and thank you very much for taking the time to read my rants and raves, vents, and repeats of an imperfect life I live. Even though it is yet only Tuesday night and we have three days left before the weekend arrives, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. I have to call TB about a ride to church this weekend and see if a ride is provided for me yet. I will take care of that tomorrow.

Good night and God bless!

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