Venting Some More … Yet Again!

Please forgive me for this day is a day of vent after vent today … off all days actually today is a “venting day”. Saw the neighbor who was pissed at me for turning of my computer and the modem this afternoon while I was leaving for an appointment – opened the door for him so he could get his groceries in safely and I out to the car that was taking me to an appointment. hE DID NOT EVEN SPEAK TO ME OR SAY THANK YOU FOR OPENING THE DOOR FOR HIM. I talked to KR about it when i got back from my appointment and she told me that is how he is when he is pissed off at someone. Anyway, talked to my friend PV today, called him at work at Best Buy, and he told me he will call me back tomorrow. What a friend! I hope I can get a block on my modem for my safety and comfort after today but we will have to wait and see what goes on after tomorrow…I hope. I will get rid of this jerk from using my internet service or anyone who can access it from the community room or their apartment close by my wireless network. We shall wait and see. Anyway, this man, will no longer be trusted alone in my world anymore. If I catch him looking at pornography on his computer in the community room, I am calling the cops and letting them know ASAP and go from there telling them the truth what I had to do to stop him from using my wireless network without a password IF I can get a password on my modem. Only CSE is getting my password so she can get online via internet BECAUSE she helps me and Bing on a regular or daily basis even though she does make me mad a lot lately too. She is a trustworthy soul EVEN THOUGH SHE HIDES THINGS FROM ME WAY TOO OFTEN. She knows full well that i am very intelligent and can read into things easily and she is very careful to show her true feelings but most of the time it is so obvious…very obvioous indeed. Anyway, it has been confirmed, today, that this neighbor very upset with me because I chose to turn off the internet. He is a jerk and a nasty individual. A demanding individual on top of it actually. Do not trust him anymore and the idiot lives in my former apartment on the 3rd floor now? Ewww! Gross!

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