Truth Be Told

I am on person who will not lie to anyone about anything whenever I am asked about something. I feel that telling the truth gets its rewards where telling lies gets it consequences. At this time I am dealing with some very personal issues that make me angry, make me want to cry and hide away from the world and have no face-to-face contact with no one around me, and leave this building behind without giving it another glance back and never set foot in this place ever again. I have found happiness when I moved from the 3rd floor apartment to the 1st floor apartment I am in today but the happ KM iness is growing into sadness once again. This apartment building has a hold of all the tenants in some way or another. I wish I had my own place, my own house so I do not have to deal with other people around me in such close quarters this building but I have a couple of people in here I will not leave behind too willingly. I would get a home, if I could afford it, that could hold three people and live with them but I am not one for roommating with anyone because I am getting really set in my ways now at my age of 40. I am as happy as I can be at this time … not associating with too many people now-a-days. I still enjoy life and glad I have this apartment.

So much has been happening that does not involve me as well. I am one person who can actually sense something is not right and can put puzzle pieces together and create a whole puzzle by hearing what goes on around here. I feel bad for anyone who moves into this building and gets suckered into the bullshit of one tenants beliefs. KM has caused so much trouble in this building most recently that it makes my heart ache and I want to throw up on her and make her clean it up. She needs to move out of here and get her mental state fixed big time. It is believed that LG moved out of state because of KM and her happiness was lost and founded again in Ohio. I am beginning to realize now that I will be taking a lot of things with me to my grave and that is a very sad thought right now. I just wish that someone would just come to me and start asking questions and I can empty the burden on my shoulders and see certain people hang for their stupidity and craziness they have been causing here at TM. I have not been sleeping well lately, again, and finding my world in a very rocky boat with broken paddles. AARRGG!!

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