Feeling It And Sensing Something Not Right…Seriously…

I am beginning to figure my friend CSE and I think I may end up walking away from her again for a while if things do not change with her attitude. I understand, if CSE would just be straightforward and truthful to me, that she is definitely struggling with her spiritual and emotional life, but I am feeling something is not right and I am sensing something seriously wrong here. I do not ignore my gut instinct because when I sense something is not right, I am always right – that sixth sense that is built in all of us. My apartment is my apartment, and I have always tell others that I will respect you if you respect me, but for some reason tonight it has fallen short on both sides – mine and CSE’s for some reason. I am beginning to wonder if I have to walk walk away from CSE again. I do not dare talk to anyone about how I feel about CSE right now because the people I can open up to know CSE and excuse after excuse will spill forth on CSE’s behalf – not good. I have seen. ever since a relative has died, her faith in God has fallen to the point that her belief in God is non-existent and I cannot really help her at all because she does not allow me to help her – her mind is closed to me and she does not speak up. She actually gets defensive! Tonight she got mad at her computer and practically smacked it and got real upset. She won’t let me see HE . She does not see that I know her very well. She has pissed me off tonight big time I finally told her that it seems that she thinks I do not know what I am doing with computers and that I have never had any problems with my computer that I have seen her so frustrated about hers for the past several weeks. She then tells me that certain pages will not allow her on because the password is incorrect and so forth. I told her that she could be inputting her password incorrectly but she just said that is not happening and she is putting in her password and smiled that stupid idiotic smile that told me she does not believe I know what I am talking about I have seen so many times lately. Then it comes to my attention that something is not right with my relationship with CSE any longer. She really pissed me off tonight! I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY MODEM LOCKED SO NO ONE BUT ME CAN GET ONLINE VIA INTERNET. I am seriously thinking of not allowing her on my wireless network after all.

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