My Afternoon Outing

I got back about 230- 3 p, from grocery shopping – if you consider going to get $13 worth of groceries grocery shopping, lol I do not get my big check until the 3rd of each month unless the 3rd falls on a weekend day. Depending on the weather for Friday afternoon, I will go to the grocery store down the street from here and get other things. I went to Wal-Mart today just to go for a ride and get away from the building for a while.

We have a place called the Rotary Gardens in our city and MCP and I went there to walk around for a while. I saw a lot of flowers and other plant foliage (sp?). It was just beautiful for the walk I had. I even saw several bricks, large and small, with names engraved in them of those who served our country in the services and families having relatives, in loving memory, with names engraved into the bricks.

I enjoyed myself away from the building for a while. Now the rest of the afternoon is all mine. I am not having any company at all the rest of the day and evening.

More later…

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