My Evening Alone With A Cat

I am ENJOYING my evening here at home alone with Bing Crosby the cat right by me – behind me on the back of the recliner. I had enjoyed my afternoon out and now relaxing for the evening and will go to bed sometime soon. I have KH coming tomorrow to help me with my shower at 8 am because of a conflict this afternoon with two events happening on top of another. I have been watching TV all afternoon – recorded TV shows such as Days of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Night Gallery, and the Flintstones. I have been online on Facebook all afternoon playing Cafe World, Farkle, Frontierville, Farmville, and Farm Town, and other games I am addicted too, lol. Let me put it this way… I am addicted to Facebook. I am on it everyday for hours enjoying myself. I NEED A JOB, lol.

More later…

Author: ksmiley

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