Ahhhhh. My Sunday

I do have to admit that I had a wonderful day today. A fairly busy one at that as well. Began working on a project for my boss this afternoon – putting together spreadsheets for the company I will be working for … called IDC Creations for the disabled and handicapped who will have an opportunity, like our Kandu and Best Events organizations here in our city who have the handicapped and disabled working there. It is awesome that there are people who do care about the handicapped and disabled people out in the world today by giving them a chance to work even though their jobs may be a little bit different and some workers doing piece work instead of working by the hourly wage. I am looking forward to working for IDC Creations as their accountant inside the business – not doing the outside accounting stuff – my boss has an accountant for that.

Anyway, after working for a little while, I decided to watch a couple of movies and TV programs that were recorded in previous weeks – two Harry Potter movies, my weekly CSI: Miami, and Law & Order: CI. I am not sure if I heard right but I believe L&O:CI is on its way out and doing its final episodes this month. If true, I am going to be sad that it is leaving us for good but I do believe in moving on. There are some real good new shows coming this summer and Fall as well, too, that I will probably find myself highly interested in like Switched at Birth TV series starting tomorrow night at 8 pm CST. I am recording the pilot episode tomorrow night to see if I will find it worthwhile a weekly watch. It has Lea Thompson in it and I like her a lot and remember from a movie called Space Camp – a great movie in my book and watched several times throughout the years since it came out.

There is a Sunday show on Disney I enjoyed watching the past couple of years and so I recorded its first new show tonight – So Random. I really enjoyed it when Demi Levato was on it the 1st couple of years but she is not on it this season. I am disappointment that she is not on it this season but I did happen to like the new season’s first episode very much. I do like Tiffani Thorton, Brandon Mychal Smith, Doug Brochu, Allison Arms, and Sterling Knight who are still on the show. Going to miss Demi Levato on the show but life does still go on. The 1st new episode this season tonight was awesome. More skits, a new So Random this year – I say FINALLY, lol, and special guests. Tonight’s special guest star was Cody ??? forgot Cody’s last name, lol He as the same last name as Ashley and Jessica I think…but not sure anymore. It is getting late and I am tired and a little forgetful, lol.


CSE came by for a few hours today to keep me company after I got done with work. She helped me this afternoon by cleaning my computer desk, flipping my futon mattress over and putting the bottom sheet on the bed, made me supper of rice and ground turkey and literally bought me a candy bar – a milky way candy bar – helped Bing with what he wanted done, lol…he literally told. Between Bing and CSE, they communicate very well and he is so talkative with her. He is talkative with me but not as much, lol. We more or less have cuddling time with few mixed meows and words but he is becoming more talkative with me in telling me what he wants or needs in other ways. Bing is an amazing cat – at least I think so anyway. I have had him in my world since December 18, 2006. He is a very special kitty – at 6 years old this month.

Okay, I have expressed a lot today, lol. Some days I express a lot, other days I do not express as much. I guess that is okay. I know in the most recent past I have been doing a lot of venting, bitching and complaining, and expressing my dislike about things over and over again like a broken record, but I do have my rough periods yet because of my anxiety and depression disorder. Sometimes, literally, I scare myself when I continue talking about the same thing over and over again but last month’s incident with the neighbor using my wireless network to look at pornography really bothered me and it did stress me out to the point of tears and confusion, and sleepless nights plus more of what comes with such a stressful period. What happened last month with that neighbor was the worst I have experienced this year so far. I am still reeling from it actually. I see this idiot of a neighbor from time to time in the public places of the building during passings but that is about it and about all I really care to see him. He is such a jerk. Remembering what happened on Memorial Day when CSE got here spewing this and that about someone stealing a DVD and saying Christianity and God did not exist upset me to the point of screaming at her to get out. I was literally appalled by what she said and with all that happened in month leading up to Memorial Day had taken its emotional and physical toll on me more than I had realized. I am so happy that CSE and I worked things out before going to sleep that night so we did not go to bed upset and angry, and having heavy hearts keeping us awake or having very little sleep. I know i did not lose sleep over what happened on Memorial Day afternoon but my heart DID NOT feel good after I screamed at CSE to get the hell out of my house. We have apologized to one another and accepted the apologies given before the afternoon was gone… thank goodness… yay… whew. Having CSE over today, this afternoon, was great! I think we needed a small break from one another and it was well deserved even though we still communicated via cell phone texts and phone calls. Having CSE down today was wonderful, great, fantastic, and awesome. Need I have to say more? Probably not… I think I got my happiness out in the open well enough.

I feel I am a little wired .., tired but wired, lol. Does that make sense. CSE will be leaving shortly. I DO have to get some sleep now. I have a very early day tomorrow and I have my shower at 8 am instead of 1130 – 12 noon so I can literally have more time before my 130 pm ride to my 2 pm counseling appointment. Yep, I have counseling with PS tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. If the weather is reasonable, I intend on running an errand to the Dollar General store down the street from here but not sure because of the weather does look questionable for tomorrow from tonight’s weather forecast. Dang it, lol. I want to get out of here for a while! This building has its issues again and I do NOT want to be a part of those issues unless it DOES involved me but so far it doesn’t. I have been keeping my nose clean and away from other tenants who love to stir up trouble. I have been, literally, doing my best at staying away from KM who has been staying to herself the past several days as well and not answering the phone most of the time. I wish LG still lived here…but she needs to find happiness elsewhere now and probably had now that she is near one of her daughters in Ohio. I do miss LG and have been planning to call her since she has left but I haven’t yet and been meaning to too. AARRGG! I DO NOT even know when it is a good time to call her right now except on the weekends when I have weekend minutes to use up on my cell.

JSL kind of pissed me off tonight. I have come to find out, by a comment on a post, that she does not want me to continue sending her a certain something she was tagged in. As far as I know, I only sent her something and tagging her only once on Facebook, too! What pissed me off is that she said so at the picture she was tagged in for others to see instead of sending me a private message that she did not want to be tagged in the picture. She raised a small stink among a couple of my Facebook friends and that did not make me very happy and I can understand why my friends did not like her comment and thought my friendship with her is not a safe friendship. JSL can be nasty and she does not care sometimes. She can be a royal bitch and say the most unkind things sometimes not caring who she hurts in the process. I have vowed that the next time she does delete her Facebook page and then decides to come back, I will not accept her friendship the next time because I know weeks later she will decide to delete her page again because she does not like how Facebook does not handle certain things. To be honest with you, a couple of days ago, she had texted and posted on Facebook that her dad wants her to delete her Facebook page but her husband DL does not want her to. Today, to be honest here, I believe I now understand WHY JSL’s dad wants her to delete her Facebook page and it is so because JSL does stir trouble with some people and can get herself in trouble with the law again if she is not careful – but it is only speculation and opinion and not fact…assumptions that will not get me in trouble and make an ass out of me yet, lol. We shall see what she finally does. After finding that comment on one of my posts, I do have to admit that I do not care what JSL does anymore. I am going to have to distance myself from her for a while and since she does not live in our building anymore and has not for the past year or so now, it does make it a lot more easier to distance myself from her. Her husband DL is going to have surgery tomorrow out of town so she will not be taking her cell phone with her but I have a feeling that she lies about not taking her cell phone with her when she says she won’t be taking it because she ALWAYS changes her mind in midstream. That is why I think she can be such a royal bitch sometimes. And JSL is my best friend? She is… seriously…

AARRGG! It is going to rain and storm tomorrow! AARRGG!!


Thanks for checking in again and good night.

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