My Afternoon

I do have to admit that today was a very good day and I could not ask for more really. The day did go well all morning long that I was hoping that my afternoon was going to be a “well day” for me as well. After my counseling appointment I came home to Bing so happy to have me back home. He was all meows and closeness the minute I had walked in the door. In fact, probably because he heard my voice coming in was probably the reason why Bing Crosby was at the door when I had turned the lock with my key, lol. Bing Crosby is a very intelligent kitty! We communicate our way differently than how he communicates with other people in our world and I find that absolutely okay, so when he meowed up a storm and got cuddly close, I took advantage of the moments we share together ALL DAY long and let what came into our world work itself into my world. Bing has been all smiles ever since we woke up this morning. What cat!

I decided NOT to go to Dollar General store when I got back from my counseling appointment this afternoon.

More later once more.

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