Good Night & God Bless

I am going to be heading to bed here in a while. I thought I would say good night and God bless before heading off for the night and come back sometime tomorrow – before or after my shower. I do have to admit that I had a fine day. It was hot – very hot – out there today. I only went out to go get quarters for laundry and stgo to an afternoon appointment, and DID NOT go out to the store as planned. I saw CSE for a few minutes after she had gotten back from running errands she said HAD to be done. She was asked to come over after she had gotten back to the building and she did…bringing a box of litter for Bing’s litter box because she said it was needed much more quickly than expected before Friday my grocery shopping day. After she came down for a few minutes she had left for the night because she said she was helping another friend with a couple of things. I felt a little put out because she and I had made plans for the afternoon when I had gotten back and she went off to do something else with another friend instead. She has done this 4 times now and I feel now if it happens for the 5th time, I am done asking her for help outside my Tuesday and Friday help … will go to the store by myself without her going with me from now on. In fact, forget about her hurting me a 5th time… not going to ask for her help outside my Tueday and Friday help from my workers from IDS and Catholic Charities. AAARRRGGG!!

Well, good night and God bless and have a safe and happy night. I will be back tomorrow sometime weather permitting. I have to head to bed here very soon … after trying to call my friend CB one more time today and seeing I can get a live person.

Good night and God bless!

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