An Early Morning … VERY Early, lol

I have been up since 4 am because I could not get back to sleep … because I am in my writing phase of my life again and NEED to write whenever I have something going on in my head and NEED to get it out before I shut back down and get sleepy again. I have KH coming over in about 2 hours anyway as it is almost 6 am now. I have been watching the news and weather report on CBS since I have been up and the weather is going to be iffy most of the day so I may not, not totally sure yet, if I will get to the Dollar General after all today after I get back from my 2 pm appointment but it is still early in the morning and the weather can improve before 3 pm this afternoon – 9 hrs away from when I plan to go to the store. If not today, I can go tomorrow if the weather is good enough. As from the beeping on the TV coming and going and reading the report going across the screen, the weather is not good in the surrounding areas – damaging winds, hail and severe thunderstorms. We shall wait and see what goes on in our area finally. The weather report is coming from Madison, Wisconsin that is about an hour away from where I live, Janesville, Wisconsin, today. So this is an early morning for me – again – today. No big deal. So…

Good morning!

More later… weather permitting of course.

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