Good Morning!

Another early morning! Got up at 430 am again this morning. My cleaning and laundry, and food prep will begin at 10 – 11 am this morning. I have an appointment at 230 am with LM this morning – a NP at the lung center. I have not been using my CPAP machine much since I had that bout with pneumonia and I told LM the truth that it has been difficult since then and she seems to understand. It is I the one who will benefit using it and if I do not use it, I know that my benefit of a good sleep will happen if I use the CPAP or what will not happen if I do not use the CPAP. I keep telling myself I need to use it and then I do not use it. Not using the machine for so long now can get away from you at times I have noticed. Anyway, I did not lie to LM.

Good morning! I hope everyone at DD has a good day. We have real warm weather right now and a heat advisory that will or could reach to 102 degrees today so I am not sure if I am going to be able to take my power chair to Dollar General today at all. I get dehydrated so easily now-a-days and that is still questionable by my doctors of Janesville and Madison despite how much water and other fluids I drink, and I am even baffled. When I leave for my appointment this afternoon at 2 pm, I will definitely find out how warm it will be by then – oh yes, I will be going to the bank to get quarters for laundry this morning when K gets here. Yep, today is my cleaning and laundry day today! Yay!

As for the rest of my morning, until Kathy gets here, I am going to have some personal time for myself. I have no idea why I had gotten up at 430 am but I just could not get back to sleep. I remember times in May, quite a few of them actually, where writing a lot had occurred. I think that is still happening here in my little/big world. Hmmm? That is my only guess at this time. I do not mind getting up early in the morning but not always at 430 am, lol. I am not in school anymore. AARRGG!!

More later…I have to get dressed soon. What to wear, lol.

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