A Busy Day

Today was a very day for me all day long. I was gone, enjoying the weather after my shower. CSE and I went to the clinic to get my monthly labs drawn as well as an UA done to make sure I did not have another urinary tract infection – got results later in the afternoon and everything was just fine – counts were good for the kidney and no sign of an urinary tract infection. I am dealing with yet another yeast infection. I have been dealing with yeast infections since March now and it is getting very frustrating now – VERY FRUSTRATING! I am an yeast infection collector!!! AARRGG!! Anyway…

I was not home all morning. I was scooting around in my power chair all morning. CSE and I went to the Vet so she could get something for her cat Ethan, then we went to A&W, Pick-N-Save, and back home. Around 4 pm I went to Walgreens to pick up a medication that was prescribed for me later in the afternoon so I scooted on over there with my power chair while CSE stayed at the apartment to keep Bing company while I was gone for a few minutes.

Tomorrow begins another day – my cleaning and laundry day.

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