Is There Something Wrong With Me?


I love it here very much at DD and enjoy reading other diaries that are written by other DD diarists as well, However, I feel I have been doing a lot of bitching and complaining, and venting on here more so than any other time I have done so in the past. In fact, that is all I have been doing lately. I feel I have not been very happy lately, either, even though depression has not struck a cord in my life for a long time now. In fact, depression has been non-existent lately. That is a good thing even though anxiety and dealing with yeast infections lately has been existent and problematic for me emotionally lately. Is there something wrong with me? I do not know what to think right now. I have not been happy with my friend CSE lately and even with that said, she has been a BIG help for me and Bing Crosby for a very long time now. I fee l that my best friend JSL has been having an attitude adjustment problem lately but she will be moving out of Janesville into Milton at the end of the month now and that I am happy for her that she and her husband will be going to a place where they can function on the income they do have. I am actually glad JSL will no longer be living in Janesville anymore after this month is over actually. She can actually cause trouble for other people now and not for the Janesville residents. Her attitude can be elsewhere now, lol. I love her to pieces though. She is my little, adopted, sister that is not of blood. Milton residents and police can have her attitude now, lol. Yes, she does have a major attitude problem right now. I still wish that my neighbor and friend CSE did not live in the same building as me either. That feeling of her living here does not satisfy my heart at all yet to this day. She has some problems and I believe she needs help. As for me, I believe I have my problems too but I am seeing a counselor every two to three weeks and being medicated for my anxiety/depression disorder and not keeping things from my caseworker at Catholic Charities or my IDS worker MM. I do have my problems to this day that yet need to be ironed out as well as understood. I do not deny that whatsoever. That is why I feel that there is something wrong with me to this day. I have been dealing with a lot of confusion and misunderstandings lately that my anxiety has been playing games with me ever since February way too often again. Is there something wrong with me?

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