Sometimes People Go Too Far!

What is wrong with people these days?!! I had someone email me last night to stop bitching and complaining all over the internet about friends our problems. Geez!! What I do online is MY business and not this other person’s business whatsoever. I have an account here at Dear Diary and a couple of other places I blog but I visit here everyday and every chance I get. This person, acting bitchy and snobby, and no it was not JSL or JR – believed to be a family member using an email address and then emailing me to cause problems and try to raise my dander/anxiety, and we do have family members in PA who love to try causing problems with family every once in a while – as illness is in the family in PA big time. I even tried emailing this person and the email address bounced right back at me within seconds and I then realized the possibly that this person had an email address for a few minutes and then had the email address discontinued. I hate that when people do that … AARRGG! Anyway… I am NOT going to stop my bitching and complaining at DD or will I share any information online about family ALL over the internet in my world whatsoever. I have been an author at Dear Diary and Open Fiction for a VERY long time now and I am NOT going to stop writing here even though I have been doing a lot of venting these days. Dear Diary is home to me and I love reading other diarists’ diaries as well because everyone I have met so far in the past ten years walk different walks of life and what others write about interest me. My friend list at Dear Diary is still growing from time to time yet to this day. I am not leaving Dear Diary as long as it exists on the internet. I just wish the family in PA would just grow up and stop acting like idiots, get help for their illnesses, and leave the rest of the family alone and stop causing some problems with family. They have chosen to stop contacting family all their own and now they have to lie in what they have made for themselves. They are idiots, jackasses, bitches and bastards, and more importantly, very sick people who NEED help!!!


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