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Hello everyone! I hope you all have a good day, It is almost noon here and I have already had my cuddle/lap time with Bing Crosby this morning, This is the first time – in the past 15 minutes or so actually – that I have been online so far today. I had a lazy morning – not having trouble waking up but just having a lazy morning. My door is locked and I am not expecting any company at this time today and I will probably not have CSE over today or tonight. I am now just watching some recorded television programming on my cable’s DVR box and just being lazy and comfortable. No one has called or texted me yet today – cell turned off to charge it since the battery is low and needs to be charged, Phone is off for a while and I am not expecting any calls at all today. If any calls will come through my way, I will be screening my phone calls and answering to those I want to – family comes first at every phone call of course.

Anyway, I am playing Cafe World right now and then I will play bejeweled, and farkle, look at emails, and do my reading and writing for the day. Right now I am watching an episode of Night Gallery with Laurie Prange as Brenda – title of the show that is on right now – and I did finish reading about Ashley Tisdale this morning while Bing and I were having our cuddle/lap time this morning. He is off napping somewhere else in the house right now. The weather is decent today – more sun today but yet a little cloudy and not at all hot. No more stormy weather coming our way until Monday now. Yay! Gives my bones and muscles a little break. Right foot and toes are feeling better now since I stubbed into my clock Tuesday night. Not limping so much anymore. Another yay – a big yay!

More later…

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