Final Entry of the Day

I feel I have had a good day for the most part. Having my shower and getting dressed by 9 am and then having the rest of the morning to myself – checking in at the TM office to say hello to KR the manager before the weekend and letting her know I am doing okay. I was not planning on seeing KR at all this week but decided I better make an appearance before anyone in the apartment building began talking about the fact that they have not seen me for a while. Anyway… I texted CSE to see if she would not mind coming down for a while and she will be here as soon as she can. Otherwise my weekend is going to be all mine and mine alone with Bing Crosby. Biong is napping someplace in the apartment – bedroom is more like it, lol. I have a slight headache because I forgot to take my Zocor medication today so I took it along with two Tylenol Arthritis medications. I will be okay though.

Grocery shopping went well and very quickly. Came home and put groceries away and cleaned and straightened another cupboard in the kitchen. I was able to get rid of a few other things I no longer needed or wanted – another plastic bag of stuff that is, After that was done, C left for the day to head back home. CSE will be down shortly.

I am going to say good night and God bless now and come back sometime tomorrow. I am getting tired and ready to go to bed here already. I do not believe I need any medication to help me relax tonight, lol. My headache is somewhat relieved. My foot is still bruised from stubbing my toes on my grandfather clock – finding out that the top of my right foot is slightly bruised more so than anything. I can walk on my foot okay and just fine and nothing is broken – thank goodness. Going to say good night and God bless now. More tomrrow;

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