The Rest of My Day

My shower girl did not show up so I ended up calling Rescare after 8 am and found she was not coming so the scheduling of my shower came at 3 to 415 pm this afternoon instead. I had to go to my doctor’s appointment feeling unclean and kind of smelly, lol. Unclean is okay but smelly is not okay at all in my book. In the meantime, until a shower girl came I did clean up the best I could. Anyway…

My appointment went well. I really like Dr. T very much and trust him very much. He has helped me the past few days that I would always be forever grateful for. I am now doing deep breathing exercises and meditation time everyday – at different times of course. I do deep breathing a lot during the day and it relaxes me. Meditation puts me to sleep, lol. Unfortunately… Dr. T is moving to Washington State after he is released from taking Dr. H’s place when she returns back from “baby” leave mid August. I am feeling better… slowly… but surely… and the deep breathing and meditation does work and I am going to do it everyday. It does not hurt anyone at all.

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