July 23, 2011 – Entry #1

So far so good this afternoon. Awakened at 8 am and stayed up since. CSE is down here for a while now. We have had lunch together and now we are surfing the web, lol. Feeling kind of lazy-like today – in pajamas…house dress. I have my shower gal Kim coming at 5 pm to help me with my shower.

I talked to NMS about my concern about our friend CSE this morning. Something is not right about CSE right now. Both NMS and I believe that CSE needs to see a doctor or someone about her depression and health decline physically when her depression hits. She used to work and was all gusto about it but not anymore. We both also agree that CSE is hiding the troth from us both along the way and has been lying to us a lot lately. NMS is real good at picking up on one’s senses and knows that a person is troubled and having difficulty in life somewhere. I have been wanting to talk to CSE about her depression and other behaviors she has been displaying lately and I can not find the right words to say – telling her that she needs to get professional help. I do not want anything to happen to Carrie but her actions of being late every time we get together is very nerving and a pet peeve of mine. I told NMS in another conversation some time back that I have noticed no change in CSE’s behavior or demeanor has not changed or do I see her wanting to change to better her health. Being friends with CSE is complicated I guess.

More later

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