Intervention Is Necessary!!!

I am worried, very worried about my friend CSE. I know I should not worry about other people but I do worry about CSE. I have been talking to NMS about my concerns and issues with CSE lately because I have noticed that CSE. I believe an intervention is necessary to get CSE some medical help for her emotions but NMS told me that if we evenn tried getting help for CSE it would be a lost cause because CSE would deny she needs help, and that we are the ones who need help to those who we are seeing at the time. I am totally sick and tired of her lies, lateness, holding things back, and her unsympathetic attitude about other people and their needs of venting. I do not know if I can even trust anymore. She acts so nasty at times. I even disagree with the idea that she even changed her name legally. Those who do not read the paper or get the paper do not know that she has changed her name legally and those who know her as CK or CKR will call her CK or CKR. she acted, the other day, that they will have to call her by her new name or she will not answer. I even told her about my workplace looking for disabled peoples to work and she acted so nasty about the idea of me giving information to my bosses so they could call her when business gets up and running. She did even like the idea of me asking a former teacher of hers if she remembers her and gave me such a nasty attitude about it, I practically threw her out of my apartment and telling her never to come back. The day she came into my home and said she could not find a DVD in her apartment stating that there was no God and Christianity did not exist still looms fresh in my mind. I feel I need to walk away from CSE for good once again but I cannot do that right now. I feel, though, with the attitude CSE does have, she will do something that will make me snap and tell her off about her attitude, her lies, holding back on the truth about things, and how she is always late coming down to my place is getting worse, and I also feel that her changing her name was absolutely not necessary and will not change her past, will happen once again. Right now, even this day, I want to change my password so she can no longer get online using my modem anywhere in and outside the building so she will have to invest on getting her own provider. The other day she was looking into it and nothing came of it. I still believe she needs help with her finances. She needs to stop being so closed up. I do not even consider her a “true” friend because she does not tell the entire truth. She is just a good friend. I can not even vent to her about things like I can with JSL. CSE nerves me so much – everyday – and I want to scream at her for being such an idiot for not getting proper help for her emotional problems where I am seeing a counselor and taking medication for my problem.

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