Friday is here and the weekend has finally here. I have JSL’s kitty Cuddles here for the weekend – yesterday and today – and she will be going back home to JSL some time tomorrow afternoon when JSL and her husband are done moving from one apartment to another – from Janesville to Milton this time. Cuddles has been a good kitty and always is most of the time. I believe I am going to miss her when she goes back home but I know that JSL misses her terribly when Cuddles is not with her. Both JSL and I worry about our fur babies. Anyway…

The weekend is finally here.

Remembering Yesterday

I will NEVER forget how KM made me feel. I am sick and tired of the lies and I am going to be constantly reminded of KM’s lies from this day forward. She has caused some major problems from day one the moment she moved back here in January. Even when I asked her to come down and see Bing and Cuddles yesterday, she told me she was not going to come down because she did not want to be reminded of the two people she despised the most and did not want nothing to do with JSL or DL or JSL’s parents whatsoever. I had flat out told her at that point that cuddles was a cat and an innocent one at that one – Cuddles did not pick her “parents”… JSL picked Cuddles. I was pissed. I cannot wait until she is out away from here and no longer in the building. I will no longer hear about people and her dislike about them. She is a very hateful person!!!! A sick person as well who needs help.

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