Lies & Can’t Wait!


I do have to admit that I wanted to see KM and not hear about certain things regarding this building, my friends JSL and her husband, and the fact that she is moving out again. I just wanted to go and say hello to her and her cat Tootsie for a few minutes and leave. What happened, when I visited, with CSE in tow, we ended up hearing about HUD not keeping this place up to code, how she despised my friends JSL and her husband and would not come down to my place to come see Bing and Cuddles, and the fact that she is moving out of this so-called God forsaken building, and how the onsite management as well as the property management handle this place. She acts like she runs this place, lol. Anyway…

The lies that she has been telling is that JSL is not allowed in the building or even on the property. How I found out this was a lie was because I called JSL’s parents and did speak to her mother about what I heard and her mom told me that her daughter could no longer live in the building because of the trouble she had caused with some of the tenants but was still allowed on the property and allowed to be in the building. KM said that AF from Teamster’s. Is said that JSL was not allowed in the building or on the property when AF did not even say that. I think I will go to the manager about this tomorrow because it bothers me that much.

Can’t Wait!

KM is moving in September now and she will not be coming back here again. The manager of the building will be glad to see her go as well as the property manager. Many other tenants, including myself this time, are happy that she is moving out as well. I have come to the conclusion a while back that KM can not be trusted – along with the fact that I get texts and warnings to be careful with KM. I can not wait until KM is gone away from here. I can wait for a month and a half before she is gone, though. Til then I will be civil to her but after today, I am going to keep my distance from her for good this time.

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