Not This Time

I was thinking of catching up with my diary here but decided against it after all. This month I have been on and off line because I was not really up to it. This summer has been a rocky road for some reason or another. I am definitely imperfect but do have to admit that I am glad I am just that. I do not feel horrible that I have not been here for a while here and there but I do feel horrible that I missed out on some real good, great. and awesome diaries in the past three weeks. So, at this time, I will have a gap between entries. I do mot mind because there is no competition I am trying to place 1st. 2nd, or even 3rd here. In a way, I did not have a lot to say really. I have been busy with life functioning everyday, watching television, working, and having company over a lot. My friend CSE has been here a lot this summer spending some nights with me because I have had some anxiety attacks that have taken over my life temporarily. Not this weekend!!!

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