Realizing Something Unpleasant

This friendship with CSE is fine at the moment – along the surface that is but I have a deep down feeling that such is not fine otherwise. In the past I have told CSE many times not to be late and have a little more respect in my home regarding her computer and things. I have even told her, even though it is her stuff and this is my home, that it does not make me feel very comfortable seeing and hearing her beat on her laptop and mouse while her computer is screwing up on her and she allows her frustrations on her computer All seemed to be going smoothly until last night she began to get frustrated with her laptop again. She even mentioned that her mouse was not working properly and I mumbled and thought to myself that is what happens when you beat up on things. Now… if and when her 4 daycomputer breaks down completely because she has beaten on it enough times, I will not have any sympathy for her whatsoever because that is what I firmly believe in at this time. I am not going to put up with certain things in my home anymore. My health is very important and I want to get back on track spiritually. I was not able to go to work for two weeks – one week was because the fact I was not feeling well, there was no work for me to do, and in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. I feel like I was in a whirlwind for awhile this summer. Still functioning in my own world though.

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