Beginning To Realize and See What is Going On

Today marks the very first day and the beginning of a friendship that will be gone before too long now. I just ran into a post on Facebook that was written by a high school colleague of mine who stated that he did not like the principal we had, who happens to be my 2nd cousin of mine – a relative – and I have grown up playing and seeing my 3rd cousin often during the summers while up north on Long Lake with my grandparents. Anyway, that is NOT all that was stated in that post on Facebook. He had mentioned the fact that the principal had an affair with a teacher at the high school we both attended. I was pissed and shocked to see this post on Facebook where others who had subscribed by liking the page could see it and others could later find the post. I want to scream and shout and choke this idiot so badly but I know if I hold back my temper today and tomorrow, I can confront this high school colleague another day and say that it was NOT necessary to have posted such a post and go from there. By the time I calm down, I can confront this idiot decently and go from there.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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