Bathroom Issues

Gosh …. I am having bathroom issues today. I will be okay though. I think my medicine did not like me too well today. I was afraid to do my fiber treatment today so I will continue that tomorrow if things are better by then. We shall see how things go. I just have to stay hydrated today and tomorrow and the rest of the week. I just have a feeling my body just did not agree with what I ate with my K-Phosfate med today. I am feeling some better now. Will drink another Powerade and more water to stay hydrated. Did eat lunch and since then started to see results turning around. I am glad, now, that I don’t have to work anymore this week but if my bosses do call me. I will definitely go in and make some time/hours/money. Work right now is slow and that is why my hours are very flexible right now and I did not have to work for three weeks.

More later…

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