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August is gone and now in the past and September is here for 30 days. I am counting the days now when KM moves out for good this time. I am staying clear of her for now because she has been lying and causing some trouble with other tenants. I rarely hear her vacuum the floors in the hallway anymore — being a bit lax about her so-called job that will no longer be hers after she moves at the end of the month. She has bitched and complained about her job, how the manager does not know how to handle her job, and more importantly….slanders my BFF’s dad bug time. I still remember KM stating that she was not going to have anything to do with my BFF and her husband when I invited her to visit and see my BFF’s cat Cuddles. I was hurt because Cuddles did not choose her family and Cuddles being an innocent cat. I was actually pissed and thought KM’s attitude was absolutely ridiculous and totally rude. I vowed at that time I would never ask KM to help me with anything ever again. I will be nice to her in person when we bump into one another in the building or I see her in public. No more running to her because I am happy to see her. That is not going to happen anymore. She is out of my life after this month is over. I believing that counting the next 4 weeks will go by very slow but will go from day to day the best I can. I have seen August come and go just fine with a few bumps along the way all this summer. Anyway, 29 days left before KM is gone for good. The tenant who moved yesterday has not been back yet today to clean his apartment. I believe TM is having trouble getting tenants or holding tenants because of the fact that certain people have opened their big mouths saying how bad this place is when in reality this place is very nice and I have been here since March 1998. I do have to admit that I have thought of moving our of TM many times but realized that I will not live in the other subsidized apartment complexes here in our city…. Garden Court, Hamilton Terrace, and Riverview Heights are the other 3 places I will not move to for personal reasons. Garden Court has certain people there I wish to never see again, Hamilton Terrace is really not accessible for walkers, canes, and power chairs and I do not want to be around screaming and yelling kids everyday, and Riverview Heights have tenants there who have moved out of TM I happen to like but were trouble makers here. I have moved from one apartment to another — 3rd to the 1st floor for convenience and safety. I have found happiness after leaving the 3rd floor again even with a few bumps in the road the past two years. I have not wanted to move out since I have been on the 1st floor but have met some different people in the past 13 1/2 years….definitely some I wish I never did too of course. I guess a place like TM has people coming and going, moving in and out, and never this place is not full. We have a few empty apartments the last time I knew. I do not pay too much attention to what goes on around here anymore as I now keep to myself with a visitor from time to time.

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