Right Now

I am going to be back later. I am going to watch some recorded TV programming and relax in my recliner for a while before I even start writing today. In fact, having frequent bathroom breaks right now, I am not sure if I will even begin writing my book today but since it is only going on 1 pm CST here, it is yet too early to tell what plans will be taking place now. I hope to be back later – whether on my laptop or on my IPod via the internet there. Right now there is a Budget moving van outside by the back door because a tenant is moving out today – not KM – and I hope this tenant does not come knocking at my door today. I do not want to be bothered by anyone here at all today except for one tenant who is supposed to drop off a key to her place so I can check on her cat while she is gone away for the weekend to be with her family – not CSE. I won’t be seeing CSE for a while as I have walked away from her for a while to have a break from her attitude.

I hope to be back later… Good bye for now.

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